Warranty Terms

Dear Valued customer
Thanks for purchasing products from Sakthimicro System, we are providing better the after sales support, with our well experienced service support team.
Before you collect the product Please check items for warranty claims and future references. Thanking You.

This Warranty shall be valid only if it is completed and signed overleaf by the customer and counter signed by Sakthimicro system. Hereinafter referred to as Sakthimicro system or by the appointed Dealer of Sakthimicro System on an official rubber stamp.


  • Sakthimicro System hereby warrants that the hardware product you have purchased (product) is free from defects in materials or workmanship under normal use during the warranty period.
  • The warranty period commences on the date of purchase.
    • One year Limited Warranty - 365 (labor & transportation charge)
    • Two years Limited  Warranty - 730 (labor, transportation & parts charge)
    • Three years Limited Warranty - 1095 (labor, transportation & parts charge)

Warranty expired date before 15days

  • The sales receipt or your purchase invoice showing the date of purchase of the product. This warranty only to the original purchaser, and is non-transferable to anyone who subsequently purchases, leases or otherwise obtains the product from the original purchaser.


  • Within the warranty period, Sakthimicro System, at additional charge will repair or resolve defects in workmanship or parts covered by this warranty.
  • All exchanged parts and products replaced under warranty service will become the property of Sakthimicro System. Sakthimicro System reserves the right to replace defective parts with any serviceable parts that meet the performance specifications of new parts.



  1. The customer cannot provide the warranty card or purchase invoice.


  1. Warranty product serial number not match to purchased invoice product serial no
  1. The Product is damaged due to transportation, fall, weather, extreme temperatures, shock, improper use, mishandling, misuse, natural disaster, fire, flood, lightning, power fluctuations, and connection to irregular voltage sources or negligence after the purchase of the Product.


  1. The Product is installed, maintained, altered, modified and repaired by a part not authorized by Sakthimicro System.
  1. The Product is not purchased form Sakthimicro System or through Sakthimicro System’s authorized distributors and resellers.


  1. The warranty period has expired.

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