Master Diploma in Multimedia

we are introducing worldwide stanard of excellence training in professional multimedia

Total payment – 20,0000/=

Academic Admission fees – 20,000/=
(Not refundable fees)

12 Montns

+ 2D and 3D Animation
+ 3D Modeling
+ Painting
+ Games
+ Visual Effects (VFX)/Compositing
+ Character Animation
+ Visual Development

Fundamentals of Art, Design, 2D Drawing, Visualization, CG Work, Modeling, Texturing, Lighting, Rendering, Rigging, Animation, Compositing, Digital Filmmaking, Audio & Video Editing

Visual FX / Graphic Production
Web Production
2D & 3D Production
Video Production
Sound & Music Production
Cartoon Production
Adobe Certification Expert / Adobe Certified Professional

Advanced Diploma In 2D

* 2D Drawing & Digital Painting & Rotoscoping (with Adobe Photoshop CS4)
* 2D Character Design
* 2D Texture Design
* 2D Animations (with Adobe Flash CS4)

for 2D Animator, Texture Designer, Desktop Designer(DTP).

Advanced Diploma In 3D

* 3D Modeling, Digital Animation & Rendering
* 3D Character Modeling
* Lighting & Camera
* 3D Project working
* Compositing

for 3D Animator, Modeling artist, Visual fx Designer(SFX).

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